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Join our Amare team as a brand ambassador and embark on a rewarding journey of empowering people to reach their ultimate wellness goals with our holistic, natural, and effective products.

As you share your Amare journey, not only will you help others get healthy, but you’ll also achieve financial wellness and enjoy exclusive perks.

How to Join as a Amare Brand Partner or Affiliate

Becoming an Amare Partner means you’re stepping into a community of motivated entrepreneurs united by a shared mission to spread wellness and make a positive impact in the world.

Brand Partner Membership Include: Personalized Website, Amare Builder App, Subscribe & Save Rewards Program, and MORE! You can also join as a brand partner with just the membership fee alone.

SELECT A PACK! Everything You Need to Build a Business in ONE PACK + Special Bonuses and Offers!

Starter Pack - Amare Brand Partner Exclusive


Starter Pack

Kick off your path to well-being with the essential items in our Amare Starter Pack!

Amare Brand Partner - Essentials Pack


Essential Pack

This pack signals your commitment to making a real difference in your mental, physical, and financial well-being—it’s the ultimate statement of meaning business and fostering positive change!

Wellness Pack - Amare Brand Partner Exclusive


Wellness Pack

Start your Amare venture with our premier Product Packs, plus exclusive access to our Subscribe & Save Rewards, Incentive Trip Points, and enjoy having your membership fee waived!

$0 Membership fee with this pack!


How to Earn as a Amare Brand Partner?

Why Join Amare as a Brand Partner?

Business Builder App

Gain access to the Builder app through Amare, a robust app designed to streamline tasks, ignite discussions, and foster genuine connections.

Generous Compensation Plan

Unlock various passive income avenues and opportunities with our generous compensation framework. Profit from product sales, shared revenue pools, monthly competitions, and plenty more. Income Disclosure Statement

Training & Support

Whether you’re just starting out in social selling or you’re an experienced pro, Amare offers top-notch onboarding services. From the moment you join as an Amare Partner, we ensure you’re well-equipped, trained, and continuously supported.

Exclusive Monthly Deals & Incentives

Unlock special promotions, substantial discount codes, complimentary product credits, and loyalty rewards. These exclusive benefits are tailored to boost your business and sales each month.

Share Top-Tier Products

Promote products that have garnered awards and are considered best in their category, each supported by scientific studies to guarantee results.

Cultivate & Join a Leadership Community

By expanding your team, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with established leaders and discover their strategies for creating successful businesses from scratch. Leverage these insights to significantly enhance your own business’s growth.

Create Impact

Enhancing your business not only contributes to your personal growth in mental, physical, and financial aspects but also allows you to make a meaningful impact. Amare is committed to giving back to entities like The Children’s Center, thereby enriching the broader community.

Embrace Your Journey

The rewards you earn are entirely up to you. We’ve designed a program that acknowledges and celebrates Partners as they progress, from Silver to 5 Heart Servant Leaders, offering a range of enticing rewards. It’s all about loving the path you’re on.

Journey to Paradise

We’re laying the groundwork for you to reap the benefits. Accumulate points and rewards through Customer and Partner Sign-ups, as well as achieving and maintaining specific Ranks. All this contributes to the well-being of others—mentally, physically, and financially. The crowning reward? A complimentary trip to a paradisiacal destination where you can celebrate your achievements and spend time with fellow driven and passionate individuals.

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